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About me


I am just an ordinary female in her twenties, trying to figure life out. I have two degrees, a stable job, rising credit card debt, an unhealthy habit of online shopping, a confusing relationship and a great group of friends. 

A few days ago, I woke up and said “fuck it”, I want to share the highs and lows in my life, I want people to feel okay with themselves when things don’t go as planned. Bad choices? We’ve all made them. Achievements? We’ve all gained them and often felt too awkward to talk about them. Embarrassing moments? Let’s discuss them.

Being a millennial living in the 21st century comes with unspoken expectations as well as the need to appear perfect. What perfect means to you, is another story entirely. I’ve fallen into this trap of feeling the need to show people my good side and cover up the more shitty things that happen to me. Being brave all the time is overrated and frankly impossible. Don’t get me wrong though, being brave is essential in this world. 

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The Mundane Struggles of aMillennial 

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Join me in unravelling the mundane struggles of a millennial.